Top 5 Web Hosting Companies of the Year

In this article we are going to describe the 5 best web hosting companies of this year right now, web hosting means a lot and have great importance in the website culture. Some people do not get the proper meaning of webhosting, they do not know what does webhosting mean, and WebHosting means ”The activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites”. There are many great web hosting companies; some of them are listed below:

Following are the top 5 great web hosting companies

1: Ipage: This webhosting site is on the top these days. It has 95 percent of rating, it provides 30 day money-back guarantee. It has a free domain name package which is very useful. It also has many great offers of discount going up on the website throughout the year.

2: Blue Host: This site comes on the second number as it has 92 percent rating on the web. It also has 30 day money back feature which also supports free domain. You can visit the site for further details.

3: HostGator: This website is in the third rank by 86 percent rating. It has greater feature in money-back with 45 days. The domain costs 1.99 euros which is a drawback of this site. It is hosting over 2 million domains and hundreds of drag and drop website templates; it is E-Commerce ready. It costs 200 dollar in AdWords. It is a great domain and a great place for web hosting.

4: On number four comes, a great site names ”Start Logic”: it has great features, with free domain and also has 86 percent rating like the previous HostGator. It also has 30 day money-back with with unlimited domains. It has free marketing tools, free email address and free domain name.


5: The last but not least is ”Zain Hosting”:, it is a great webhosting and has many great features; you can visit the site and see for you. It provides different offers like, Starter pack Business Pack, Premium Pack and dedicated pack. It has auto-script installer with free overnight backups, you don’t even have to worry about the backups, the website will do it itself. It has wide payment methods and free domain protections, you don’t have to pay for anything. Just the webhosting material and relax, the website will do everything for free and by itself.

These are the top 5 WebHosting companies of this year by rating, if you have something in mind about this then leave a comment below.

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