Here is the Refund Policy for Zain Hosting Service!

You can cancel any shared hosting, shared remote desktop servers RDPs, Windows VPS, or private RDP service within 24 hours of the order, 15% amount will be deducted as a setup fee, and it is not applicable for domains and Linux VPS. We can’t offer any Refunds for Domains, VPS, or Dedicated servers (once paid We are stuck with it).

Zain Hosting Refund Policy

To get the refund, you will open a support ticket with the valid reason for the cancellation of the service, and in a short time, you will get your refund amount with a 15% deduction.

But you will not get the refund for these types of reasons like

  • I ordered by mistake, so please refund me.
  • I don’t know how to use the service like hosting, Cpanel or RDP, etc.
  • I don’t need it now.
  • I have ordered the wrong product (you can contact us on live chat for an upgrade or change the product plan, we can do it for you)
  • I am not using this service.
  • Download or Upload speed is not good, because download and upload speed depend on many factors like as the limit of the source website or app.
  • You will get NO refund if you violate any of our terms, you can see the terms here.

If you are not agreed with the refund policy or our terms, please DO NOT ORDER, so you have to accept our terms and conditions and refund policy before buying any product from this website.

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