What is Web Hosting and how does it work?

Web hosting meaning: Web hosting allows you to advertise your business without having any trouble, just make up a domain name and you are ready to go. You just need to make sure that you select a good Web Hosting service.

How does it work?

Step 1: You need to get a domain name. There are many web hosting services out there which provide the domain name. Just choose one of the best domain services like there is ZainHosting.com, which is one of the best services in Asia. Choose that then purchase a domain name, to do that you need to use a registrar. Registrar have many great domain names, you need to choose one of the names. They all are the same although. Just the service of that domain is what matters because every domain name has different service. It’s like when you are buying a ticket for a plane, all flights have almost same charges but the pricing is different when you get extra services like there is a difference in economical class and business class.

Step 2: Step 2 is setting up the DNS for the domain that you chose in the step 1. You need to understand this well as this is the most difficult task of Web hosting; it is typically the hardest part. There are providers which give you the domain name but also there are some websites which provide you the dns server as they keep track of the information that is being stored in the DNS server. They have the authority to claim which server is being used right now with that domain. DNS server providers are very important in this category of WEB HOSTING. DNS server is all that matter, choose a DNS server according to the Domain name.


What is Web Hosting and how does it work?Step 3: At this stage, you have the domain name and also the domain name server which is routing the people towards your domain, but now you have to buy hosting. When you are paying a company to make your files visible on a site it is called hosting. Hosting is an important part of Web Hosting. Without hosting your files won’t be visible out there. The company that you have paid to host is now hosting your files to the server which is available on the site you set up the Web Hosting on.

‘’At this stage, you have done it. You have successfully made up the hosting service and now you have Web Hosting available for your business. Here is how it all goes:

You type in the domain name, The DNS server makes sure that you get connected to the right computer and not the computer which do not have your files because only the right computer will have your file or data hosted on it’’.

Now you can do hosting without any difficulty. Hope you understood it all without and issues.

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