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Register Domain With BTC (Bitcoin)

A domain name is necessary for your business because it brings you a unique identity and makes you visible to your Audience. It brings your identity to your website on search engines. It is not limited to your uniqueness but also increases your search engine ranking only if you buy a relevant domain. When you buy a domain name for your company, it means you have also owned your company name on the search engines. And it would increase your brand awareness and more exposure on the web worldwide. However, you should know that when you buy a particular domain, you have more choices of web hosting. Let us explain to you that when you buy a domain, it becomes your digital property associated with your website. Now it depends on you where to host it; you can change hosting companies when you have your domain. Most of the time, you may find difficulty registering domains because of the identification process or payment methods. But with Zain hosting, you can register Domain names at low prices and with easy steps. Zain Hosting is committed to providing you easiness everywhere which is why they have brought you to register your domain With Bitcoin (BTC).

Benefits to Register your Domain With BTC at Zain Hosting

When you select Zain hosting for purchasing your domain, then you will not only get the domain, but you will get a lot of benefits as well as Features. Below are some benefits when you choose zain hosting; go through these and then choose us because we are a trusted domain registration company.

Lightning Fast Transactions

We know all the pain points of the Audience; that is why we have introduced Registration of your domain with bitcoin. The reason behind Introducing was to fast the payment processes. When you choose other payment methods, then that takes some time to get the domain. But with our Bitcoin (BTC) payment method, the transaction will be super fast and available everywhere. You can pay us within seconds from your Bitcoin wallet and get your Domain.

Free Domain Protection

The benefits are not only limited to payment methods but there are extensive benefits when you choose us. When you register any particular domain with us, then for the first year, you will also get Domain protection from our company. With the domain protection feature, we will save your data from the Public and keep it private. As a result, your data will remain hidden and protected from identity theft.

Registration at Cheap Prices

Unlike other domain registration companies, our company provides your favorite domain at a very low price. The XYZ domain is available for only $1.99 USD for one year. Furthermore, the famous COM domain is available at a very low price of $11.99 USD for one year. When you choose Zain hosting for domain Registration, you should know that you are saving a lot of money because we provide our services at a very low price.

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Web Hosting plans with Crypto Payments

You can also buy web hosting at a cheap price with the BTC payment method and you can also pay with all other major cryptocurrencies, you can check our web hosting plans below.


  • 1 GB SSD
  • 10 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • 10 SubDomains
  • Free SSL + Cpanel


  • 5 GB SSD
  • 20 GB Bandwidth
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • 20 SubDomains
  • Free SSL + Cpanel


  • 10 GB SSD
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • 50 SubDomains
  • Free SSL + Cpanel


  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited SubDomains
  • Free SSL + Cpanel

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