How to Secure WordPress Website?

Security is one of the main aspects of Web hosting, as when the website in secured you can run it without any issues. When not, you keep getting corrupt files and error and it even has the chance of getting hacked by different users of internet. The hackers hack your work and make their own for which you need high class security for your website. It is very important and in this article we are going to describe how you can secure your website with simple easy tasks.

Steps to secure your WordPress Website Easily

1: Website lockdown, which means that the site will be locked if there are wrong password attempts again and again, which means the user is trying to hack the website. In this case website lockdown feature is very useful. You get to know which user is trying to login to your server and ban that user for life; you will be authorized to do that. You will get the notification when this happens and you can implement on that immediately.

How to Secure WordPress Website?

2: Use two factor authentication, which means when logging in, you will get a code on the mobile phone number or the email which you have entered in the security bar of the domain, it will notify you that someone on some computer is trying to log in with your domain, and if it is you then you can enter the code which you got in your email or phone messages and you will be logged in. This is a very useful feature for security purposes. It is being used by many of the users out there and every one of them has claimed that this is the best type of security because without that code no one can log in unless they have your email or mobile phone.

3: Rename the Login-URL, because when hackers know the URL of your page they can get their way in there easily so keep changing the URL from time to time. Change the URL to something unique every time so that no one can know about it, if you keep it similar every time. Hackers can some to know about it.

4: Adjust and change your Passwords of WordPress, and keep changing it after some time. Hackers are always trying to hack the passwords but if you keep changing them, they won’t be able to know about it as every time they come their way up to 90 percent the passwords will be changed. Make it something unique and use an # and a * in your password as they are not capable of being hacked, these type of words cannot be hacked easily unless the hacker is someone professional.

5: Secure the Admin-dashboard of WordPress, Hackers try to attack the strongest part of the security first and as the dashboard is the hardest and strongest one to break, they try to go through it first, so make sure that the dashboard is secure.

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These are some of the tricks and tips, by which you can secure your WordPress website. If you have any questions, comment below.

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