buy cheap rdp with bitcoin

Buy Cheap RDP With Bitcoin

Hello friends, today I will tell you that how can you buy cheap RDP with Bitcoin, After reading this post, you will be able to buy USA Windows RDP with bitcoin BTC and UK remote desktop servers easily with bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, so it is good news to buy USA windows VPS with crypto and all other locations, Germany, Netherlands, and Finland, etc.

Windows RDP Bitcoin

What is Remote Desktop Server or Windows RDP?

RDP full form is “Remote Desktop Protocol”, By using remote desktop server, you can save your time while working, due to its fast internet speed. It is very common for the use of Backup data, uploading data, and downloading because it provides you the fast internet speed. You can access a Desktop screen remotely in your system by using windows remote desktop protocol. Windows RDP means that you can access a system that does not exist physically and you can use its resources remotely from your system. You can access it by using any operating system like a window, android, mac, and Linux, etc.

There is a built-in feature in the window that is used to connect to RDP known as “Remote desktop connection”.
To know the complete detail of RDPs, open the link given here > Remote Desktop Protocol.

What is Windows RDP & How to Use it?

Types of Windows RDP Remote Desktop Protocol

There are two types of RDP at Zain Hosting that you can buy from us with bitcoin BTC and other crypto currencies.

  1. Shared RDP
  2. Private/Admin RDP
  3. SEO RDP (Coming Soon…)

Difference Between Shared and Private (Admin) Systems

Cheap Shared Windows RDP

Shared RDP is like an account, not a server. It is an account on the main server, and the server resources are shared between all the users registered on that server. There is no admin access in a shared RDP.

Benefits and Features of Shared RDP:

  • Dedicated Storage Space for Every User
    There is dedicated storage for every shared RDP user. The limit of storage for every shared RDP user will be fixed.
  • High Resources at a Cheap Price
    You will get high-speed internet, RAM, and SSD storage.
  • Suitable for Browsing
    It is the best choice for those users who want to browse, chatting, uploading, downloading and email, etc.
  • Cheap Price and Subscription Starts from 5 days
    Its price is cheap than an admin RDP, while all of its features and resources are very high and fast.
  • Fast Setup
    Your RDP will be ready instantly after payment, no need to wait a lot for the activation of your service. You will get login detail to access your RDP instantly after completing your payment status.

If you are interested to buy a shared RDP at a cheap price, then open the link given below:

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Our other Services

We also provide web hosting and domain service. All of our hosting packages are cheap and discounted, with one-click WordPress installation. We provide free SSL with all of our hosting packages. We do not change our packages price. Our hosting servers are very fast, secure and 99.9% uptime. We also provide web development services. You also can buy any domain name ata low price.

Wide Payment Methods

We accept a lot of payment methods. You can pay us by PayPal, perfect money, Skrill, BTC, jazz cash, easy paisa, bank transfer, and credit card. Your service will be activated instantly after payment.  You can renew your service automatically by paying your unpaid invoice from your client area. You can manage and trace all of your services from your client area. You can easily check your activated services, terminated and expiry date from your client area.

Money Back Guarantee

You can refund if you do not want to use your service due to any technical issue or it does not fulfill your requirements, but we cannot refund for the dedicated server. To learn more, read our refund policy.

Private Full Admin Access RDP

It is also called Admin RDP because there is full admin access.All of the resources and IP is dedicated,which means all of its resources are for only one user. You can get a Dedicated IP and storage.

Benefits and Features of Admin RDP:

  • Dedicated IP Address
    We provide you the whitelist, pure, and dedicated IP address.So, it will be the best choice for you if you want to send an email or to run software and websites.
  • Full Admin Access
    Yes, you have full admin access. You can install and configure all kinds of software and application. More you can also make a shared user account on this RDP.
  • Installation of any Program, Software or App
    Due to administrative privilege, you can install and run any type of software and program. Like shared RDP, no need for an admin password to install the software.
  • Dedicated Resources
    you will get dedicated resources like RAM, CPU and Hard disk drive, etc. All of these resources will be only for you, so it will provide you the best performance due to its dedicated resources.
  • Adding Multiple RDP Users
    You can create multiple users on this machine and can manage their tasks remotely from your machine. You can also provide admin access to any user that is created on this machine.
  • Access to Server Manager
    Because it is an admin RDP, so you can easily access its server manager and can change the setting as you want.
  • Access to the Security Setting
    You can access the security setting and change its security level. If some website, browser, or software is not working correctly due to the security setting, then you can change its security setting and can run it easily.
  • Install a Custom Operating System
    You can install any version of the operating system on this RDP. When you will get it, there will be an install window server 2019, Later you can change it and can install a custom operating system on this RDP.
  • Upgrade Hardware
    You can upgrade your RDP hardware resources (Ram, CPU, and storage, etc.), it will be very useful if you have a small business and want to upgrade your RDP resources by growing your business.
  • Move Media
    You can easily move and copy files from your RDP to your system and from your system to your RDP. It will save time if you want to download a larger file because it provides a fast speed internet connection. So, you can download larger files and also move them to your system easily.
  • Multiple Locations
    We provide you the RDP at multiple locations worldwide like Germany, USA, UK, Finland, and Canada, etc.

If you are interested to buy an Admin RDP, then open the link given below.

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Dedicated Support Team 24×7

If you have any queries or questions, feel free to ask us. You can contact us by website live chat, ticket, WhatsApp, email, and skype. We support you at any time related to any issue. We are always here to help you.
We have a lot of happy clients, with positive feedback. Our clients are satisfied with our service. You can see our reviews on google. If you are interested to buy any service, then please visit our site.

I hope that after reading this post, you will be able to buy cheap RDP with bitcoin. You also can buy USA RDP, UK, Finland, and Germany RDP.

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