How Much Does A Website Cost In 2016?

If you have a small business or planning to own one, probably by now you know how having a website plays a major role in the business. The main challenge for most of the small businesses owners is knowing which type of website best suits their businesses. The design of the website normally affects the general cost of the website. Having a website will help in the promotion of your business online getting out information to the wider audience.


1. Brochure style website.

Has a similar look to the print type. The website might feature:
-History of the business.
-Customer testimonials.
-Products and services offered by the business.
-Contact information
-Business hours.

It is very good for the brick and mortar type of businesses. Companies that are promoting and selling their products online. Can be very convenient for local restaurants, auto repair businesses, etc. The web developer will use catchy phrases, attractive images, and well-written product description to present their businesses.

2. Magazine style website.

This type is meant to engage and entertain visitors and is normally suited for businesses that use blogs and affiliate marketing. The website features general information and includes advertisements. It is suited for businesses that promote products from multiple manufacturers.

3. E-commerce style website.

Mainly good for businesses that mainly sell their products or services online. The website is created in a similar style as a retail store. Customers are able to navigate the product and purchase. E-commerce type of website uses the shopping cart system as the customer continues the selection process.

We consulted with Willi Creative a web design & digital marketing agency based in North Wales. They provide a series of website cost guides on their website, which should be read if you require more information on this topic.


The website cost normally varies with the type of website being created. On average, below figures can apply to small business websites:

1. Domain name: approximately $ 10 per year.
2. Hosting: this varies between $ 10 to $ 100 depending on the traffic.
3. Website maintenance cost: approximately $ 500 per year or more.
4. Marketing the website: approximately $ 700 per month or more.
5. Website designer: the cost varies depending on the complexity of the website and the designer charges. can be from $ 1000 upwards.

In conclusion, getting a web designer will help a small business owner know the type and style of website that best suits his business.