Still searching for a game host?

Every gamer has played at least Minecraft, Rust, Garry’s mod or Battlefield 1! And many of us after hours of being guests to other servers start looking for a way to host our OWN.

Minecraft is a game with the most servers online

How to avoid getting a cheap+bad host

The first game i ever wanted to host a server for was Battlefield 1 way back in time. My research ended up with dozens of hosts that offer pretty much the same thing at different prices. A cheap host is not necessarily a bad host, but getting a cheap host shouldn’t mean that you server won’t function. There are sites like Nazeboo that offer a simple, but very helpful game hosting comparison for every game that supports public servers. They have every game host that you can imagine in their database and compare them in a table where you can see the differences between the prices, server locations etc… The most important thing is that they have a user based voting system with other people’s opinions for each host. So it’s always a good idea to take a look there instead of searching on forums.

What to look for before you get your server

The most important factor is the server location, the closest it is to your home, the less laggy it’s going to be. Another important factor is the availability of DDOS Protection. You need that in order to avoid your server being hacked and end up crashed by angry kids that send tones of requests to your server.

A few more

  • Slot capacity (how many players will be able to play on your server at the same time).
  • Host overselling servers (lags)
  • Hardware (each game has different server requirements, you must pay close attention, games like Minecraft require more RAM than Battlefield 1)
  • Don’t get fooled by the price per slot, look at the END PRICE of your server.
      On the long run, a cheap host will cost you more than a mid-range host.