Achieving a Great Web Design, Mobile Friendly, Animations, Web Standards

There are thousands of different layouts on the web. However, there are specific things that make web design great. Each year, web design changes because there are new standards that are placed into the mix. This year, we saw a rise in mobile and tablet use. This had caused web design standards to change. Web designers now had to produce web designs that were compatible with mobile devices and tablets. The web design experts at NTW Designs, an experienced USA based web design company,  have created a list below of the three things you can do to achieve a great web design.

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A-Mobile Friendly. As mentioned above, there has been a rise in mobile device use. Mobile devices have spread around the globe and most web visitors are now coming/browsing the web from mobile devices. This makes a great point on why we should make every website mobile friendly.

What are the 2 ways to make a website mobile friendly?

1-Flexibly Responsive. Use the meta viewport tag and make your website responsive for mobile devices.

2-Larger Text. Small devices like mobile phones have small screens. This is why every website needs to boost up the font size to a larger px.

B-Web Animations. Web animations rock! Creative lightweight javascript and CSS animations will intrigue and grab the attention of the average first-time website visitor. It is advised to use animations moderately. Do not overload your website with animations as it will make it too confusing, overdone, and it may have load issues on mobile devices.

C-Web Standards. Leaving aside the visual outlook of your web design, internal coding plays a very efficient role when it comes to your website’s overall performance. Practicing a clean method of web coding will improve the performance of your website and make it easy to modify the web design in the future.

As we explained above, you can achieve a great web design for your company by producing a mobile-friendly design with web animations and clean internal coding. Read the above to improve your current web design!