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Zen Marc asked 4 weeks ago

Going to start my small business within my city, Website is being developed on WordPress but Looking for recommendation in finding the hosting for WordPress website, How much would it cost me for 1 server within my location and how much space should I have?

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Saad answered 3 weeks ago

There are many wordpress web hosting providers, but in my view you can use any web hosting with Cpanel and auto script installer for your wordpress blog, there is nothing special in wordpress hostings.

Asma Chohan answered 3 weeks ago

Here is a list of best and top wordpress web hosting providers.






WP Engine

InMotion Hosting

iPage (Not Recomended)

All hese web hostings are good and providing wordpress special packages, but in my view dont go with Ipgae, their panels are not good and features are not advance.

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