How to change maximum upload file size for PHP

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Hania asked 4 years ago

Hello, How I can increase or change maximum upload file size for PHP, because I am uploading 3 GB size file, but its not uploading.

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Farooq answered 4 years ago

you can easyily change the upload limits if you are using wordpress, just install a wordpress plugin named ‘increase limits’ and just set the maximum size in the settings of the plugin.

Vicky answered 4 years ago

To chnage the maximum upload file size for PHP just follow the steps below!

• First of all login to your cpanel account

• Now navigate to software > multi PHP editor

• Now just select the php version and editor mode

• Here you will see this kind of line

uploadmax_filesize = 256M

postmax_size = 256M

• Just change the 256M to your desired file size.

Now save the edits and that’s it.

Khalid Mahmood answered 4 years ago

You can also change easily by editing php.ini file.

Go to your cpanel account,

now go to file manager

now go to public_html

now just find the php,ini file and edit it, (if you could not found then just create a new file and name it PHP.ini) and edit it.

now just paste this line to the file

uploadmax_filesize = 1024M

and save it.

(you can change the 1024 M to your desired file size, 1024 M means 1 G.

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