How to change maximum upload file size for PHP

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Hania asked 11 months ago

Hello, How I can increase or change maximum upload file size for PHP, because I am uploading 3 GB size file, but its not uploading.

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Farooq answered 11 months ago

you can easyily change the upload limits if you are using wordpress, just install a wordpress plugin named ‘increase limits’ and just set the maximum size in the settings of the plugin.

Vicky answered 11 months ago

To chnage the maximum upload file size for PHP just follow the steps below!

• First of all login to your cpanel account

• Now navigate to software > multi PHP editor

• Now just select the php version and editor mode

• Here you will see this kind of line

uploadmax_filesize = 256M

postmax_size = 256M

• Just change the 256M to your desired file size.

Now save the edits and that’s it.

Khalid Mahmood answered 11 months ago

You can also change easily by editing php.ini file.

Go to your cpanel account,

now go to file manager

now go to public_html

now just find the php,ini file and edit it, (if you could not found then just create a new file and name it PHP.ini) and edit it.

now just paste this line to the file

uploadmax_filesize = 1024M

and save it.

(you can change the 1024 M to your desired file size, 1024 M means 1 G.

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