Best Cpanel Alternative for Web Hosting Providers?

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Spawn Host asked 4 years ago

Hello, I am looking for a good alterntive for Cpanel, because the Cpanel increased the prices of license too much, and I cant affoard the new prices. I have 130 to 135 clients only and need your suggestions.

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Rabi answered 4 years ago

There are many alternatives of Cpanel and working well, like Plesk, Direct Admin etc.

but I will not recomend you plesk, because the parent company of Cpanel and Plesk is same, so they can increase the prices of plesk anytime.

I will not suggest you Direct admin too, because I found a same features control panel free of cost thats name is CWP or centos web panel, it has all the features like direct admin, and its easy to use and the best thing is this you can easily move your Cpanel website to CWP with just a single click.

How to move a Cpanel website to CWP (Centos Web Panel)?

Just take a full backup of your website through Cpanel backup feature, upload that backup file to CWP file manage home directory, and go to CWP admin panel and find the option of Cpanel account restore, now on the next page just choose the account backup file and desired package and just click on import.

the Cpanel website backup will be restores in few seconds, and a new account of that website will be created in your user accounts.

You can also buy a paid version of Centos Web Panel in just $1.49 monthly only!

So guys, I will request you to use and promote these kind of free and greate services.

Admin answered 4 years ago

Thank you Rabi for your suggestion I am totally agreed with you, we are also going to start a server with this CWP panel, and we have aim to provide cheapest web hosting services with the CWP panel.

Asmaar answered 4 years ago

Ajenti, webmin, froxlr, ISPconfig are also great option for you.

Ahmed Razzaq answered 4 years ago

Try Plesk, its the best alternative for Cpanel with unlimited accounts option.

Rabi answered 4 years ago


Ahmed, Plesk and Cpanel owner is same, so I will not suggest anyone plesk, they can increase price for plesk also anytime,

Stay Away from Plesk.

Wasim answered 4 years ago

Froxlor is the best panel for web hosting management.

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